Portrait Andy Holzer
Name: Andreas Josef Holzer
Born: 03. September 1966 in Lienz, East Tirol, Austria
Disability: Blind since birth – Retinitis Pigmentosa
Education: 4 years primary school; 4 years secondary school; 1 year Polytechnic Institute
Professional Training: Massage Therapist; Lifeguard
Employment: Since 2010 – Self-employed Mountain Climber; Motivational Speaker & Lecturer
  • Since 1981 – Singer, guitarist, and bassist in dance band “DOLOMITENDUO”
  • Since 1987 – Radio broadcaster with short wave license
  • Sports – From cross-country skiing, to mountain biking, to surfing and anything else that sounds fun!
Family: Divorced since July 2023
Life Philosophy: I want to share my vision and the boundary-pushing experiences I have in the mountains as the “blind climber” with people in hopes that they will find inspiration in their own lives from my story.